SOG Seal Pup Review

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As one of the leaders in the knife industry we wanted to give our SOG Seal Pup review to bring some attention to SOG as a great combat knife manufacturer. SOG Specialty Knives was founded in 1986 by Spencer Frazer and since then they have been creating some of the highest quality knives created for combat, protection and other high demand tasks such as hunting, camping, and expeditions.

The Seal Pup is designed originally as a knife created for Special Ops and Navy Seals who are troops that may encounter water related endeavors. With this in mind the Seal Pup is made and designed to take a beating. This makes the knife great for any situation whether its for fighting, protection, or survival.

To get into this review a little deeper we will give you some more detailed information about what exactly makes this knife a good option for your needs.

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SOG Seal Pup Blade Length and Material

The Seal Pup’s overall length running from the point of the blade to the butt of the handle is 9 inches. While this isn’t a large knife it’s within military specifications for the regulation length a carried knife should be when determined by an officer. Even with it’s size of 9 inches overall is still a sizable opponent especially when using it in a stealthy situation.

More than half of the knife is made up of the blade. The total blade length is 4.75 inches and it’s partially serrated for cutting through objects the non-serrated edge cannot. The serrated edge is added in to allow for strap and rope cutting or even to cut through some thin sheet metal.

With AUS-8 steel the blade is sharp and very strong. AUS-8 is great because it’s very easy to sharpen and will stay sharp for a relatively long amount of time. While AUS-8 is not the best steel ever used on a knife it’s still one of the top steels because of it’s ability to take an edge and it’s strength under pressure.

The Seal Pup is a fixed blade full tang combat knife. Full tang means that the steel of the blade runs all the way through to the butt of the handle. Fixed blade means that this knife is not meant to fold in any way and is designed to be carried in a sheath or attached to a vest sheath. Fixed blade and full tang gives the Seal Pup the strength and durability to be used in any environment and in any situation.

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Weight and Thickness

SOG has made the Seal Pup a light weight to allow for easy carrying of the knife when in water environments and on long missions. The total knife weight, not including the sheath, comes out to be 5.40 ounces. At this weight the Seal Pup is very manageable and is nice and light to allow it to be used quickly and accurately. Another great aspect of this weight is that it’s still heavy enough to punch through objects and allows you to put the extra force needed to wield it.

To make the knife even stronger it has a blade thickness of 0.19 inches and this thickness is accurate for the tang of the knife under the handle as well. To make the knife less reflective and resistant to water it has a powder coating on the blade to prevent rust and wear from environmental factors. This knife has different versions where you can get the blade without a powder coating and just have a plain finished blade.

SOG Seal Pup Elite

There’s also an Seal Pup Elite version of this knife and while the blade is slightly longer the weight is still the same. Most of the metrics of the Elite are the same as the original Seal Pup with the exception of the overall length and blade length which are slightly longer but do not add to the weight of the knife overall. The Seal Pup Elite has an improved blade with double sided serrations for even more punch packed into this package.

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Handle and Sheathing

The handle is made with glass reinforced nylon molded around the tang and is designed to maintain a grip even when wet and in conditions where other knives handles would be slippery. To keep the knives stealth properties intact its handle is flat black to minimize the reflectiveness of the handle itself. It also has a lanyard or attachment hole to allow it to be strapped or carried attached to an arm or wrist so it’s not lost during movement or travel.

In keeping with the stealth theme the sheath is also made with a non reflective black kydex and nylon material. This sheath also has a variety of different ways to attach it to yourself for easy carrying and security during movement.To complete this review the sheath is M.O.L.L.E compatible and has different attachment options to attach in any way that is comfortable for you.

Overall the SOG Seal Pup is made for combat, survival, and reliability and is a great knife to carry with you on any mission or expedition in any weather. When choosing a knife to carry with you it’s always a good idea to look for a knife that has many of the properties the Seal Pup has and will not fail on you in a tight situation.

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