Morakniv Companion Knife Review

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Designers of the Morakniv Companion made it for bushcraft and survivalism. However, the first thing an experienced survivalist will notice about this knife is that it has a 3/4th tang. Most experts in bushcraft will never advocate using a knife without a full tang because it restricts some survival skills, such as levering, battoning or hammering. Nevertheless, there is a reason to consider it. First off, you cannot go wrong for the price. This is the cheapest survival knife that has usefulness to bushcraft, and many survivalist experts give it high recommendations.

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Morakniv Companion Review: Type of Steel

Mora Knives use high-quality carbon steel in their knives. You could characterize carbon knife steel as using ultra-fine carbides that result in superb forging and hardening properties. With the absence of large carbide deposits, Mora knives are recognized for their sharpness. That said, do not take this knife into salt water because it will corrode fast. Even washing this knife, you want to polish it afterwards to prevent rusting. Some people complained that it rusted after the first week of use, and in one extreme case, an individual complained that it fell apart after taking it through water one time. If you want waterproof metal for a knife, choose stainless steel over carbon steel.

Morakniv comes manufactured by a Swedish company, and one of the things worth mentioning about Swedish steel is that it has excellent capabilities for holding its edge. You will not have to sharpen the Morakniv Companion all the time.

Blade Length, Overall Length and Weight

The blade length of the Morakniv Companion comes in at 4.1 inches. At its total length, you have 8.9 inches and a weight of 4.8 oz. The weight of this knife makes it good for survivalism because if you use it for bushcrafting, you will likely be trekking through large swaths of forest, and a heavier knife will tire you out faster. Also, you can use it for ages without feeling fatigue in your hand.

Uses for the Morakniv Companion

As a survivalist’s knife, you have a wide application of possibilities available. Here are some of the common uses that people could use it for:

Cutting Rope
Chopping Vegetables
Tasks around a Campsite
Skinning/Gutting a Game Animal
Fleshing the Fat off a Game Animal
Shaving Sticks for Fuel for a Fire
Cutting through Plastic Items

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A Good Combat Knife?

If you want a combat knife, you should look for knives categorized as tactical knife. The Morakniv Companion was intended as a bushcrafting knife, and while it could defend you in a dire situation, like most knives, there is no replacement for a good combat knife. What is the difference? A good combat knife must feel comfortable in your hand when handled under stress. There cannot be pinch points or sharp corners to the handle. If you work in law enforcement or the military, these subtle attributes mean the difference between life and death. In addition, you do not want a combat knife that is too small or too large for your hand; it should fit just right. The one aspect that combat knives and bushcrafting knives have in common is you want both types to be lightweight. Some knife companies market these giant two pound combat knives as great for fighting, but you will never see military or police officers using them because they are not great for maneuverability, which is crucial in a life or death situation. They make for an impressive ornament over the fireplace.

Flaws of the Morakniv Companion

The Morakniv spine seems rough and unfinished. In addition, it was made from carbon steel, which means it will rust faster, but one user pointed out that the Morakniv can rust quickly even for a carbon steel knife. Nevertheless, you can avoid rusting by oiling it once in a while. Another aspect that might annoy customers is the cheap plastic sheath. However, for the price, it is hard to complain about the sheath because you cannot expect too much for the price. Most bushcraft knives will cost much more than the Morakniv Companion, so for a cheap bushcrafting knife, you will struggle to find more offered in a knife of the same price.

Handle Material

The Marakniv Mora of Sweden uses a black rubber handle that features a grip. One of the great things mentioned about this knife is that it feels comfortable in the hand. The handle makes a nice upgrade to the Mora hilt, and the extra blade thickness will give it greater durability. Other Mora knives do not have the same thickness of the Morakniv. The blade thickness is 3.3 mm.

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How to Remove Stains from the Morakniv?

Polishing the blade will make your blade look nice, and it also removes the stains found on the knife. However, if this does not work, you can also try lightly sanding away the stains.

A Great Knife for a BOB?

The Morakniv makes a phenomenal knife for a bug out bag. It is lightweight and not so big to take up too much space. In addition, it was intended for use as a bushcraft knife. Mora manufacturers are best known for creating camping and hunting knives, which means they have a higher level of specialization at it than other companies.

Morakniv Companion Review: The Sheath

As mentioned before, the Morakniv Companion sheath uses ABS plastic, which is little more than PVC plastic. However, it keeps its flexibility in cold weather, and it uses a friction-based retention so that you do not have to worry about losing your knife in the woods. The traditional or classic line of Moraknivs do not lock into the sheath securely, but with a synthetic type such as this one, you do not have to worry. While it is not pretty, it is functional. Nevertheless, Bushcrafters may be concerned with the questionable belt clip portion. In a survivalist scenario, you would not want to even chance losing your knife. You could, however, use a paracord loop to increase retention, or you could purchase a leather or kydex sheath.

The Morakniv Companion has the blade type of a hunting fixed blade. It does not cost much, and it makes a great product for the average individual looking for a cutting tool that does not cost a small fortune. Mora, first established in 1891, most knife enthusiasts respect them as a company. The Morkniv Companion comes sharp out of the package, and it is a beautiful knife to behold.

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