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Today we would like to dive into and give you a review of the Ka-Bar Mark 1. This knife is a remake of the original USN Mark 1 that was issued to the Navy during the days of World War 2. Not only does this knife give you the look and feel of the original but it also has improvements for modern times that make the Mark 1 even better. Now well get right into what makes this knife by Ka-Bar so popular and what it consists of.

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Knife Design and Features

To start, the Ka-Bar Mark 1 has an overall length, blade to pommel, of 9.2 inches. So while it’s not the biggest knife ever created it’s a great size for combat situations, camping, hunting, and survival tasks. At this length the knife is very sturdy and strong overall and can be used for almost anything you’ll need it for.

Which bring us to the actual blade length of 5.2 inches. The blade itself is coated with epoxy powder so that it’s not reflective and cannot be seen very easily for those stealth situations. While this knives’ blade is not as thick as the standard USMC fighting knife it’s thick enough to complete almost any task you set it to and will not break. The blade thickness itself is 0.165 inches and the shape is a clip point blade.


This knife weighs in at 7.2 ounces so not only is this knife strong but it’s very lightweight and manageable. Because this knife was made originally for the Navy, its weight plays a big part in the use of it as it needed to not weigh down its users in water and swimming situations. The weight also makes this knife very easy to wield when wet and under water not to mention on land during long trips and while fighting.

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Steel Type

The entire knife is forged out of 1095 Cro-Van Steel including the handle which makes this knife an integral tang knife. Integral tang refers to the entire knife being one solid piece from tip to pommel. 1095 Cro-Van Steel is a great choice for this knife as it’s a rust resistant metal and while it’s a harder metal it’s not hard to keep a keen edge on the knife. So you will not find yourself constantly sharpening it because it will stay sharp for longer and can be honed in between missions or during some downtime.

Type of Tang

Being an integral tang knife the handle has been wrapped with Kraton G® that is another water resistant and very “grippy” type of material even when wet. The handle of the Mark 1 has been said to be one of the features that make this knife great. Most knives are made with handles that stay the same width until you get to the end of the handle while this one is actually more of an oblong oval that makes it very comfortable in the hand and provides and excellent grip.

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Drawbacks and Corrections

As a fixed blade fighting knife the Mark 1 is an excellent choice because of its light weight, durability, multifunctional design, and ability to adapt to virtually and type of combat situation. Some of the drawbacks of this knife however are that its 1095 Cro-Van Steel can be harder than other metals to hone to a very sharp edge and will take some time when it needs to be sharpened. Also the sheath that comes with this knife is a glass filled hard plastic which tends to dull the blade. There has been some word that Ka-bar is correcting this issue however.

Some of the issues with this knife’s sheath, while they can be called issues now, are being resolved as we speak. Also the quality of the steel and sharpening of the blade can be called an issue by some but will be an asset to others. This is because this knife when it needs to be sharpened it will take time but it will also stay sharper longer and will not be dulled easily.

Overall the Ka-Bar Mark 1 review shows that this knife is a quality made knife and can be used in just about any situation it’s put in. With such small downsides there’s no doubt that this is one of the choices out there today that you will not be disappointed with. Also the fact that it’s modeled after the original USN knife makes it worth it weight because it can hold strong and stay true even during wet weather and high moisture environments. Barring the sheath this knife is worth every penny and it’s cheap so you can still go and buy a high quality sheath.

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