Ka-Bar BK7 Review

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The legacy Ka-Bar Knives has created lives on with the Ka-Bar BK7. Ka-Bar is known for their highly prized, used through the decades, USMC combat knife and they don’t sacrifice any of those features or quality in the BK7 model. Ka-Bar Knives Inc. have been creating high quality combat knives since 1898 and because they’ve been in this field for that long they know how to create a high quality product. In this Ka-Bar BK7 Review we will detail the different features of this knife and also find any flaws if there are any.

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Dimensions and Design

Starting with its size the BK7’s overall size is 12.8 inches, not exactly a small combat knife. The blade length of this knife is 7 inches. With a blade this size this knife is great for any heavy duty tasks it may need to undertake including batoning (The act of cutting wood with the knife and a baton stick).

The blade is 0.188 inches thick and allows it to be lightweight while also heavy duty. The BK7 features a clip point blade which make the knife ideal for tasks such as thrusting, drilling, preparing food, and combat situations.


The blade is made of 1095 Cro-Van Steel and it runs throughout the length of the knife extending out of the handle. Made with an extended tang this knife is made to withstand a beating and to give one. Extended tang means the knife has a part of the metal making up the blade sticking partially out of the butt of the knife.

With a component like this the Ka-Bar BK7 can be used to hammer and break objects such as glass or stakes for a tent all the way up to its combat use for dealing blows to an opponent.

Knife Weight

Because this knife is made out of 1095 Cro-Van Steel the blade is very easy to sharpen and to keep sharp. If you will be doing some hiking or traveling over long distances with this knife you do not need to worry about it becoming a hindrance.

For a big knife its weight is light and manageable weighing in at 13.6 ounces which is considerably less than most knives this size. This makes the BK7 a great knife for combat because not only will it stand up to the test of heavy use but it’s also light enough to be wielded and deployed in an instant.

Weather and Element Resistance

Most combat knives need to be made to with the ability to stand up to time exposed in every weather condition. We haven’t found a Ka-Bar BK7 review that didn’t like this knives ability to stand up to mother nature. We also haven’t found many reviews that brought attention to the blades powder coating.

Coatings on a blade give a knife an extra layer of protection against moisture and will keep the blade in great condition. When the knife is used as it’s meant to be this powder coating will wear off but regular maintenance and care will keep the blade in tip top condition.

Handle Design

Keeping with the theme of weather durability the Ka-Bar BK7 is made with zytel handles. These handles are also designed to keep their factory condition when coming into contact with moisture and elements found in nature.

Not only are these handles designed to be weather resistant but they are also designed to provide grip and comfort for any combat, survival, or other situation. They are made to provide maximum grip and to keep your hands from sliding down to the blade while performing actions that may cause this to happen.

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One of the aspects people who have bought this knife express their dislike for, while not a deal breaker, is the knife’s sheath. It’s hard to find a Ka-Bar BK7 review that did not in one way or another state their dissatisfaction with the sheath of the knife. On the other hand with a few small adjustments to the sheath those same reviewers were able to turn it into a great sheath.

While the parts of the sheath that made it less desirable are a matter of opinion and user preference we still feel that it’s like any other sheath you get when it comes with the knife you buy.

BK7 Sheathing

To get into the sheath itself it’s made from a heavy duty polyester with holes for attaching it to your persons. The quality of the material is great being only polyester and holds up well when used frequently. There is also a pocket on the sheath that would be an ideal fit for a sharpening stone. It also comes with a belt loop and an elastic front band that could be used for other securing methods. A plastic insert is placed inside to secure the knife in the sheath during movement and transport.


Overall the BK7 is a high quality combat knife and will allow you to survive in any given situation from hand to hand combat to survival in the wilderness. Even considering the sheath this knife for the price cannot be beat. It will keep you happy with its quality from combat to hunting or camping you will not be disappointed by this knife. Ka-Bar Knives Inc. have delivered another high quality knife without leaving much to be desired.

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