Gerber Silver Trident Review

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Welcome to our Gerber Silver Trident Review. We have decided to review this knife in particular because it’s had some of the best hands in the knife making industry Involved in its design. Some of those hands include William Harsey Jr. and Chief Watson, one who is in the forefront of the knife making industry and the other who is the one of the founders of the famous Seal Team II.

The Silver Trident is a knife born from the thought of those in combat and it’s one of the reasons we thought it would be great to feature it here on our homepage. Gerber creates solid knives for soldiers and they make them something you can count on during times of need, and they have not stopped doing this with the Trident.

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Silver Trident Length

This knife is equipped with a blade that is 6.18 inches long. One of the benefits of a blade this long is that it can not only be used for combat but it can be used to complete various tasks and chores related to a persons survival. It can also be great for batoning wood, making shelter or fire, prying open boxes and other items, and cutting various materials and objects.

While this is not a small knife it’s very proportional for its uses and has an overall length of 11.22 inches. This length makes it great for leverage when prying things open and putting pressure on the knife. Another great thing about the knife’s length is that it can put some distance between you and an opponent while giving you the leverage you need when using it as a tool or striking a blow.

Weight and Material

At 17.4 ounces the it’s no light knife and certainly not a lightweight opponent. Even though this seems like it would be a burden it’s very well balanced and is even easier to maneuver when using it in a fighting style. The great part about the trident’s weight is that you can actually feel its strength and durability in your hand. You know when you’re using it that it’s something that can take a beating and will not break under pressure.

The Silver Trident is forged using 154CM stainless steel which is considered to be a premium grade, high quality stainless steel. This steel could also be considered as one of the best general purpose knife steels around because it has an ideal hardness and holds an edge well while also being fairly easy to sharpen to a fine edge. Using this steel the knife gets another plus in the durability and reliability department because it’s made with a steel that will last.

Tang, Blade Type, and Blade Style

The knife overall is forged as a full tang knife which again gives it the strength and durability to survive in the roughest conditions. Full tang means the blade and handle are one solid piece of steel from end to end. Because it’s a full tang knife it also is a fixed blade knife meaning the blade does not fold into the handle and can be carried in a sheath or another way.

This knife’s blade style is drop point which means the blades tip drops off slowly and is not clipped off like a clip point blade would be. Another great feature of the Trident’s blade is that it’s got serrated edges on both sides of the blade for heavier cutting without limiting the amount of the actual blade.

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Hytrel Handle and Sheathing

In the Gerber’s Review on their own website they have stated the knife “has the most technically advanced handle ever engineered on a combat knife.” While we do agree that the handle of this knife is great we don’t feel it’s in the “Ever” category. This is more of a “to date” handle and ranks up there with the top combat knife handles.

Some of the things that make the Trident’s handle unique are its different Hytrel materials that are used to create it, one being harder underneath for strength and one being softer on top for grip. Another great feature of the handle are the guards that prevent you hand from sliding onto the blade when using it in a stabbing motion. As for the butt cap there is a great steel cap to allow glass breakage and hammer functions to be performed.

As for carrying this particular knife it comes with a sheath that can be worn on a belt or attached to a vest or leg. The sheath of the knife is made out of Ballistic Nylon and it’s a very durable and strong material so it will withstand the test of long hauls.


Overall we have covered most of the good during our Review. However during the research phase we did find one feature many did not like about this knife and we wanted to include that here to give you the full picture of the knife itself not just our opinion.

Most users were in agreement that they would prefer no serrations on the knife at all however, this is mostly a personal preference. We feel the serrations have their uses depending on where and how you will be using the knife and they provide overall adaptability for it. Again, it’s a personal preference but we felt it should be included here as you will find this in some of the other reviews done on this knife.

The Silver Trident is a great combat knife and has many great features that make this knife stand out from its durability all the way to the handle. You will not be disappointed when making this purchase and it is well worth the money.

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