Gerber Mark II Knife Review

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In this Gerber Mark II Knife Review we have the opportunity to review a knife that has been around since World War II and is now being reproduced because of its high quality craftsmanship and its complete functionality as a combat knife. Not only has the Mark II been taken out of production but it has been brought back because it’s design is one that just cannot be matched and its iconic legend lives on.

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Gerber started in 1939 as a way to give gifts during the holidays with small cutlery sets to family and friends. They quickly grew and by 1960 were one of the most trusted names in the knife making industry. Today they still live up to that name and reputation and this could not be evidenced more than through that of the Mark II a combat knife trusted for over 40 years.

Gerber Mark II Blade Length, Overall Length and Weight

One of the first things we noticed about the Mark II was its sheer size because this is no small knife. The blade alone is a stunning 6.5 inches long and can be used to penetrate materials that might be out of reach for other knives. This length is especially good for a combat knife because it gives you the reach you may need in a situation where another knife may put your target just out of reach.

Speaking to the reach of Gerber’s Mark II, the overall length of it is 12.75 inches. Some say this is way too much knife for people intending to use it for its purpose as a combat knife. Rest assured it’s not. This knife not only gives you the reach necessary for fighting but it also gives you that shock factor when an opponent sees it that will make them think twice about engaging you.

For a knife this size the Mark II is surprisingly light. It weighs in at 8 ounces and compared to other knives of this caliber this is actually not that heavy. Don’t let the weight fool you though this knife is still tough and it can take a decent beating when it’s used for what it’s designed for. This is by no means a camp knife as it’s designed as a combat fighting knife.

There’s nothing like knowing the knife you have on you will have your back and give you the upper hand especially in a combat zone or situation. The Gerber Mark II is also great as a big knife because it will comfort you knowing that it’s at your side at any given moment even when it seems like nothing else is.

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Steel, Blade Thickness, and Tang

When it comes to steel the Mark II has a 420HC stainless steel blade. While 420HC stainless steel is not the hardest steel out there it’s easy to sharpen to a razors edge and will stay sharp for a moderate amount of time. You will find that this steel will need to be sharpened often if it’s used often and it’s not as hard as 440 stainless steel but will get the jobs done when you need it to.

The Blade thickness itself is about 1/4 of an inch thick at the blades thickest point. Obviously this thickness will not be throughout the entire blade because of the tapering of the blade to create the edges. Also at this thickness with 420HC stainless steel it creates a much stronger blade so you will not have to worry about it breaking or being a knife that you can’t depend on.

As for the tang of the Mark II this knife is not a full tang knife. In fact it’s a stick tang knife. Stick tang is a blade that has a portion of it’s steel protruding from the back of the blade that sticks into the handle.

If you are looking for a knife that will chop down a tree then this is not that knife. This knife is meant to serve as fighting knife.

Mark II Handle and Sheathing

Moving along to the handle of the Mark II it’s made out of die cast aluminum. This handle is designed for grip, comfort, and its ability to be wielded. The tang of the knife itself is cast into the handle created a fixed blade knife that even without full tang is very strong.

Some do not like the fact that the tang and handle of this knife are two separate pieces. Looking at the knife as it is however, you will find that there is really no need for full tang on a knife not meant for camping or batoning wood.

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The sheath of the Mark II is made out of Ballistic Nylon and is great for carrying the knife long distances and in various weather conditions. It’s made to be attached to a leg, vest, or a belt and from what we have found it doesn’t seem to be M.O.L.L.E compatible. Its a standard sheath that get the job done plain and simple.

Overall some of the good points about Gerber’s Mark II is that it’s light so it doesn’t have to be cumbersome on long hauls by foot, it’s a great knife for fighting and combat situations, and it’s made of materials that suit its purpose.

To conclude our Gerber Mark II knife review, if you’re looking for a knife for camping or taking a heavy beating in the woods this is not the knife for you, however if you’re looking for a great combat knife look no further because you have found it. With a design that goes back to the Romans and over 40 years of satisfied users the Gerber Mark II is certainly on the list with some of the best combat knives.

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