Gerber LMF II Review

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Gerber LMF II Infantry

Gerber has created the LMF II Infantry knife as a dependable asset to have at your side during a combat and survival situation. Originally, this knife was designed to be used as a downed helicopter pilot’s survival tool but it has become something more being carried by infantry in the field. That being said we wanted to give you all of the information you are looking for in our Gerber LMF II review so you can decide if it’s right for you.

LMF II Features and Benefits

The features and versatility of the LMF II allow it to be adaptable to a variety of situations and while it’s great for pilots it’s also fully functional in the field and on the ground. Starting at the blade this Infantry knife is equipped with a 4.84 inch fixed blade. The blade itself while it’s not huge is more than enough to get the job done and it will pass regulations because its blade is not over 6 inches.

Knife Tang and Dimensions

This knife is made with 3/4 tang separated at the butt cap. 3/4 tang (the tang is built into the handle but does not run the length of it through to the pommel) is great because it’s designed to absorb shock while using it as a hammer. The tang is also purposefully designed this way to allow its user to cut through electrical wiring with a much lower risk of electrical shock. Some people who have written a review on this knife in particular fault it for this because they have not taken these factors into account.

The overall length of the knife itself is 10.59 inches so it is very easily carried in any way that is comfortable for you. It’s blade is made out of 420HC Stainless Steel and is strong enough to hack through the metal shell of a downed helicopter. To this end the blade also has a serrated portion that makes its sawing ability that much more reliable in this type of situation.

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Serrated Blade and Knife Weight

Again the serrated portion of the knife was another feature that many reviewers deemed negative. This serrated edge is not only made for cutting through a metal shell of a helicopter but, it’s also added to blade because it can be used to easily cut through harnesses, seat belts, ropes, and many other materials. Overall the serrated edge comes very sharp and will not dull easily so it doesn’t need to be sharpened often, if at all. While this feature has been seen as a negative its actually one of the things that make this knife so adaptable to every situation.

Moving to the weight of the knife it weighs in at 11.67 ounces itself and 24.28 ounces with the sheath. A benefit to this type of weight is while your cutting through metal or wood for shelter or fires there is not a large amount of effort needed to complete these tasks. Also when using the pommel as a glass breakers or skull crusher the weight of this knife gives you added force to your blow.

Unique Handle Design

The handle is made from Glass-filled nylon that has been over molded with TPV to ensure grip and to reduce the amount of blistering on your hands while using the knife. While this review is being written on the infantry model that comes in black, it does have some different options for handle colors such as green (ASEK model), coyote brown (survival model), and black (infantry model).

Also included on the handle are holes that allow this blade to be tethered to a staff, pole, or stick to be used as a spear point. This may not seem like much but in a situation where you need to stab something out of arms reach this will go a long way. While were on the subject of extra features the LMF II also has a Infra red resistant coating which allows this knife to not be detected by your opposition.

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Knife Pommel

Another aspect of the handle of the LMF II is the pommel. Gerber has equipped the knife’s pommel with a glass breaker/skull crusher. This pommel is made pointed and allows this knife to be used as a battering hammer. It has been included and intended for breaking plexiglass helicopter cockpit windshields but has actually been used for breaking through walls and hammering much tougher materials than plexiglass.

One last thing to make note of on this knife is the bolster that is also made out of over molded TPV. Not only does this bolster contain two holes that allow the blade to be used as a spear but it also contains a guard that is grooved for extra protection and grip. The grooved  portion of the guard is also mimicked on the butt of the handle for a non slip grip and full hand protection during a forceful use of the knife.


Finally what would a knife review be without mentioning the sheath for this knife. The sheath for the LMF II is made out of nylon and is designed to be low profile. It’s made to be easily attached to a thigh or lower leg with two leg straps but it’s also MOLLE compatible that allows it to be attached to a vest or other component. The security of the knife in this sheath is what makes it low profile. This sheath limits noise and movement that allows it to be worn in rugged situations that require stealth and precision.

In Conclusion…

The Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife is one that’s designed for use in the field. It’s made tough and rugged for combat situations and is designed to perform under pressure. For the price this is a knife that you can count on and while it may not look like something you take home to mom it certainly is something you can take home.

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