Fallkniven F1 Review

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It’s not hard to find a Fallkniven F1 review these days but we felt that to have a complete collection of top quality combat knives this knife in particular needed to be added and reviewed. Fallkniven is a company who has dedicated themselves to making sure they create only the best knives and the F1 is definitely a testament to this claim.

Fallkniven is a company based out of Norrbotten, Sweden and they have been making their very own knives since 1987. One of the main reasons we review their knives is because even the Swedish Air Force has giving all of their pilots a Fallkniven knife to rely on. That knife is the F1 and if they trust in it to protect their pilots, so do we.

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Fallkniven F1 Overall Length, Blade Length, and Weight

Digging right into this Fallkniven F1 review we notice first that this knife is not a very big knife in size. The overall length itself is 8.3 inches which is just about the size of the typical combat knives blade length. Even though it’s smaller this doesn’t take away from the knife’s usefulness or quality. In fact because this knife is smaller it makes it very easy to carry and conceal for those times where intimidation is not needed and stealth is.

The blade length is 3.8 inches and makes up just under half of the knife. While this doesn’t sound like much, the blade itself is a quality small blade and is made for use as a tool or a means of defense . It’s also made to be carried very easily and readily available at a moments notice, so even though its small, it packs a very big punch.

Some of the reviewers who have done a Fallkniven F1 Review actually faulted the F1 for being so small and so light. The knife itself weighs 6 ounces and although this is very light it certainly is not a disadvantage. When looking at this knife as a combat knife the size and weight make it very desirable because it can be carried very long distances and will hardly be noticed. It’s also not a cumbersome knife that will get in the way during action and can be used as a tool for those calmer times where it’s not needed for combat.

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Blade Thickness, Steel, and Tang

Fallkniven has given the F1 a laminated VG10 Stainless Steel blade and we love this. With VG10 steel this blade is great in wet conditions and can even be submerged without having to be dried right away. Also this type of steel holds an edge very well and doesn’t have to be maintained very often. Another great quality of VG10 stainless steel is that it can be sharped to a razors edge very easily.

The Fallkniven F1’s blade thickness measures 0.18 inches and for a smaller knife this is a pretty thick blade because combat knives with blades double the size have a thickness very similar to the F1’s. With the edge retention and thickness of the blade, users actually rave about this knife when it comes to durability and sharpness.

This knife is a fixed blade extended tang knife. Extended tang means that the steel of the blade runs all the way through the handle and protrudes out of the pommel to create a glass breaker, skull crusher, or hammer. Fallkniven’s website defines the tang of this knife as “Broad, protruding” which isn’t correct. The thickness of this blade combined with the VG10 steel and its extended tang make the F1 an extremely strong knife and very durable as a self defense tool.

F1 Handle and Sheathing

Another feature of the Fallkniven F1 that its users rave about is its handle. Going back to it’s size, the F1, being a smaller knife does not (at first glance) look like it would have a very comfortable handle or one that would fit your hand. The great part about this is,  for its size, the handle of the knife is very fitting to most hands small or large. It’s also very comfortable and does not feel awkward in your hand.

The handle of this knife is made out of Thermorun which is a material that can be formed at a different hardness each time it’s made. Thermorun is a great material for knife handles because it can be made harder or softer depending on the knife’s or user’s needs. This material is also great because it’s a very grippy material and does not allow slipping of the knife even when wet with water or oily substances.

The F1 comes with different sheathing options such as a Zytel sheath or leather. Typically the letter after the F1 stands for the type of sheath the knife comes with. For example, the F1L comes with a leather sheath and the F1Z comes with a zytel sheath.

When choosing a sheath for this knife it’s a good idea to consider the places and things you’ll be using this knife for. For instance the leather sheath covers the whole knife and can be attached to a belt or a strap on a vest or a leg but may not be the best for rugged travel in wet weather. Where the zytel sheath is great for its durability and M.O.L.L.E attachments it features and can be used in a rougher arena and in any condition.

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Fallkniven F1 Review Conclusion

Overall, the Fallkniven F1 is a great combat knife. It’s small enough to carry on those long hikes day in and day out without creating a large amount of weight to bear. It’s also rugged and durable enough to wield against an enemy in a combat situation. The knife itself is not exactly intimidating by sheer size but it’s great for those moments when having a knife versus not having one will save your life. The F1 is designed to be used in all walks of life and may not be specifically designed for combat but its features and benefits certainly make it a great candidate. This knife will have your back time and time again and won’t back down from a task it’s not made for.

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