Hello and welcome to BestCombatKnife.net where the knives are provided in a fashion that make them easy to choose based on their features and specifications.

There comes a time in life when you, your son or daughter, or someone you know will be going in combat. Not only do you want them to remain safe and get to come back home safely, but you also want to give them the best equipment and provisions they need to help them survive. Combat is a varying animal and you never know where or what situation you may find yourself in so it’s important to have the things you need and can depend upon to get the job done and be able to return home safely.

Combat knives are those things that are used as tools and as self defense in hand to hand combat situations. It’s important to go into the field with a knife that you can put your life in the hands of. Choosing this knife is a delicate process because not only do you need to make sure it will give you the protection you need but, also that it will be a useful tool for those times that you don’t need it for combat.

Recently we had a family member who was to be deployed and we wanted to send them off with a gift that would remind them of home and serve them well at the same time. During our search we had come across all of the places out there that provide “tactical” and combat knives. When we arrived at these places what we found was a list with hundreds of knives and prices. There was little information that we knew on these knives and we had no idea what to look for in a knife that we planned to send our loved one into combat with.

We decided the best thing to do was some research to see what the terms these places were referring to their knives having such as “tang” and “fixed blade” actually meant. Our only though when we first saw the term fixed blade was why would we want a knife that has been broken and was now fixed! We were shocked to find out all of the different things a good combat knife would have but we were now prepared to go looking again with out new education.

Still when we got to the places we had visited all we found were ALOT of different metrics and while we now knew what they meant we still weren’t sure how to compare the knives we found with the others and how some were better than others. During that time we remember thinking if there was only some type of places that lined them all up and let us decide for ourselves instead of pushing opinions on us. We did find forums and Q and A sites helpful but still there were so many knives that had their good points and bad.

It was this process that led us to create a comparison chart of all of the knives we had thought of buying and it allowed us to compare each one. We decided on a particular knife that would benefit our loved one the most in the field  they were going into and have been happy as they have returned to us and have been deployed again. During their return they were thankful for the gift we had given as they had used it in the field as one of their survival tools. Not that they wouldn’t have survived without it but they mentioned it made their time much easier having it.

We have now built this site as a way for you to find a combat knife by comparing them and deciding on what the best one for your needs will be. We also thought it would be beneficial to add our opinions to the mix with reviews of the knives we encountered along the way and thought they would be great options as well.

We have since taken to the combat knife world to give it some value and give the facts about combat knives. We know this is not something that is taken lightly and feel that our site is a great place to provide you with some valuable information that you can put to use. We have done our best to keep our opinions to a minimum and provide you with the absolute facts.

We hope you find this comparison guide as valuable as we have.